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  • CLOSED to walk-in customers
  • E-mail, fax, on-line or phone orders only


 We will be offering our service to all that can email, fax or call in their orders (For the safety of our customers & employees.)

 For custom trim: Draw them on a sheet of paper and take a picture to email it to us.

Email to: pete@wiseline.ca  johndyck@wiseline.ca   joel@wiseline.ca  henry@wiseline.ca

You can text to email as well. When sending a text message. Use one of the emails above instead of using a cell number. It does work very well.  

Fax orders to  226-289-7250   Ph 519-688-0985

If you do not have a charge account.
You will be able to pay via credit card over phone.
For delivery: delivery schedule will be as usual. 

For pickup: You can do so, if you call in, and we will prepare your order as before, and take the pick sheet out to shipping. Please go to door #3 on the south side of the building.
Notify ( honk your horn )  that you are at the door and we will open up to load you.
Please do not exit your vehicle at that time. After you are loaded you can drive outside of the building to strap down. 
Please, NO returns over this time.
Thank you for your cooperation.   
Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause but we are committed to keeping our customers and employees safe. We wish all of you the best, may God bless you and may the peace of God be with you.
 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email.

Call For Free Quote! 519-688-0985


Who are we? Well, first of all, what do people want to know when they come to or across a site like this? You know do I like ketch-up on my fries or do I know how to catch a skunk without getting wet? Well, some of the rest of this site is a little starchy with business language, so I'm going to try to keep this page informal to give you a good idea as to who we are and how we all ended up together here at Wise Line Metal Sales.

Wise Line was started by John Wieler who then sold it to his sons some time later. John has since gone to be with the Lord, we rejoice in his victory and actuallly would rather be in glory with him than being here. It's not that we don't enjoy selling steel, its just the difference between having something good and having the best. We, the Wieler family, have covered a fair bit of ground, having lived in many places including Bolivia and New Brunswick.

First of all, we are Christians and believe that everything we do must done for Jesus. Daniel is the oldest of 13 children and one of the current owners of Wise Line. He is in partnership with his brother David. Jake runs the delivery truck, and takes that truck and trailer into some pretty strange places! Like the time he almost took it off a clif and into Lake Erie when he was on Pelee Island:-)

John Wieler

John Wieler

Daniel Wieler

Daniel Wieler

David Wieler

David Wieler