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FT Synthetics Gater Shield Protective Floor Covering 38^x100ft
Gatorshield is a high strength synthetic floor protection product designed for temporary use in new construction, renovations and for moving projects. Keeps floors clean and protected.

Absorbs spills without leaking through and risking stained floors.

Unlike paper products Gatorshield is designed for multiple time use. Simply wipe or vacuum surface and roll up for easy removal and relocation.
FT Synthetics HYDRA Breathable Underlayment 48^x125ft
Introducing FT Synthetics HYDRA, a breathable (30 Perms) synthetic roofing underlayment designed to add an extra layer of protection from water penetrating your roof and at the same time help the release of trapped moisture due to poor attic ventilation. HYDRA is high strength, light weight, durable for up to 6 months UV exposure and has a lifetime limited warranty. HYDRA includes our slip resistant GRIPSPOT™ technology top surface for superior walkability during installation. HYDRA is a 100% recyclable product
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